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Architecture For Benetton /Anglais This unique book, brilliantly designed by Massimo Vignelli, brings together all of the Benetton buildings, including plans, 500 color illustrations, superb photographs by Antonia Mulas, an interview with Luciano Benetton, and a chapter dedicated to Tadao Ando's Fabrica building. Collectif Skira 14/09/2005 9788876241260 345 autres langues Amazon.com.fr Novela kindle PDF Descr_1 http://t2lgo.com/daXkF?sid1=promo&pass[filename]=architecture_For_Benetton_/Anglais.pdf http://faved.info/img/pdf_fr.png architecture For Benetton /Anglais.pdf architecture For Benetton /Anglais.epub architecture For Benetton /Anglais.mp3